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Increase Engine Power

Boost your engine's power output to gain a competitive edge. Enhance your performance and outpace your opponents on the track.

Increase Grip Level

Maximize your grip on the road with advanced settings. Fine-tune your car's handling to tackle corners with precision and maintain control throughout the race.

Decrease Tyre Wear

Extend the lifespan of your tires by managing their wear more effectively. Optimize your strategy and maintain consistent performance over longer stints.

Preset Tyre Temperatures

Adjust your tyre temperatures to ideal levels for enhanced grip and control. Achieve optimal performance by keeping your tyres within the perfect operating range.

Preset Brake Temperatures

Fine-tune your brake temperatures to ensure consistent and reliable braking performance. Maintain control during hard braking zones and challenging corners.

Set Engine Temperatures

Optimize your engine's operating temperatures for peak efficiency and power delivery. Keep your engine running at its best throughout the race.

Decrease Fuel Consumption

Manage your fuel consumption to go the extra mile on the track. Strategically control your fuel usage and make calculated decisions to gain an advantage.

Decrease ERS Drain Rate

Control your Energy Recovery System's (ERS) drain rate to maintain a steady supply of electric power. Keep your hybrid system charged for bursts of speed when needed.

Disable Rules and Flags

Experience the race without the limitations of rules and flags. Enjoy unrestricted driving and explore the track in new and exciting ways.

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